The MVMNT: From NC to NYC: The Evolution of TiZ


Hip hop has always highlighted the grind, and North Carolina artist TiZ is the definition of grind. TiZ’s music has already made big waves in Charlotte, and now he’s in the Big Apple, serving the culture with something that’s been lacking in hip hop over the last few years, BARS!

TiZ got his start performing at “One Mic Monday’s”, a Charlotte showcase hosted by JKnowTruth, with only one record, and a freestyle under his belt. He performed at the end of the showcase for a total of 4 people, but going hard for those 4 people led to him opening up for Mac Miller. The Mac Miller show had an audience of 500 people, and TiZ could see the growth in his following rather quickly.

Soon after opening up for Mac Miller, TiZ was awarded a free video from videographer Manny Mac, and he chose his record “Hello Summa” to be the record he’d shoot the visual for. the track  gained steam through Twitter, and was even played on MTV U.


That lead to TiZ headlining a show during Charlotte’s well known college basketball tournament weekend, CIAA. He was the only unsigned artist to headline his own show which is another testament to how hard he worked from where he started.

After realizing the continued growth in his career, he decided to move to New York to further his career. He linked up with DJ Proe out of East Orange, NJ, and almost immediately built a connection that’s evident in the music. TiZ is a story telling, lyrical, transparent artist that can flow over a plethora of different beats, and Proe is a forward thinking, musically talented producer. The two together has created a duo that creates a sound that needs to be heard.The first project between the two was Pre Leap of Faith (2015) which featured TiZ rapping over some of the most popular beats of that year. TiZ took hit records like Drake’s “0-100” and Big Sean’s “All Your Fault” and completely bodied them with his bars the way he rode the beat.


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